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Simple way of Pokemon hunt

In order to bring players to experience as in a movie about the "security context miracle", Niantic released games aimed Pokemon  Go user is young, dynamic people who are always moving and are not afraid to start the adorable Pokémon. With the help of GPS navigation system and Pokémon AR technology allows display on live camera interface like in real life, the game has created craze worldwide. Many players have gathered together to team up with Pokemon Go hunting in parks and public places.

Although it is a game aimed at forcing users to handbags and shoes to move around to catch more types of "pocket monsters", Pokemon Go still has some "gateway" for the players own unable to move much due to focused learning or working. Here are some methods that you can sit with the cool air conditioning, Wi-Fi connection that can still be the Pokémon in the game hunting

Use items to attract Pokémon Incense
Sweet varieties seductive moves Pokemon Go Scent of herbs such as Vileplume, articles Incense brought sweet scents attract Pokémon in surrounding areas to focus on the players. When starting the game, players will be awarded 2 Incense. To activate items, players tap the globe icon Poké Ball on the map screen, select Items, select the item and click the jar Incense Incense displayed on the screen.
Items will be valid for 30 minutes. In the meantime, players just for his character will stand and the automatic Pokémon characters gathered around. This item can be purchased in the Shop of the game with 80 PokeCoin price (1 Incense), 500 PokeCoin (8 Incense) and 1250 PokeCoin (25 Incense).

Using the Module in PokeStop Lure
Lure Module is an item that allows players to effectively attract Pokemon Go stronger than at points PokeStop Incense. However, unlike Incense effective only to the unique character of the players, Lure Module gives effect to attract all the players present at PokeStop points when activated.

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Play Game Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go! go into all the world to catch Pokemon with the portrayal of the main character of the game, to find the way, to dig around and experience the virtual technology combined with the real world. The game will match your camera as "eyes" put the Pokemon inserted in the scene you're standing, the phone screen will display the maps and the real world.


The first time you install the game is to choose your character. In it, there are two characters: men and women. Next, you choose the outfit, backpack, hairstyle ... by color and name of the account you want to join the game. While playing, you will also be the coach next to assist and make exchanges in several situations.

You will be tested by one Pokemon suddenly appeared on the screen, use the adorable Pokémon Pokeball arrested again by stroking toward Pokémon Pokeball roll stands.
From here, you will be completely immersed in the character and go in search Pokémon anywhere, anytime possible. advice for all of you, be careful when traveling on the road, looking screen phone that also need to look around to "ensure" their personal safety.
Surely you remember the cartoon Pokemon did the 8x "lose sleep", with a multitude of categories or series Pokémon games such as Pokemon Battle Revolution Pokémon ... Pokemon Go Mobile Shuffle ! also gives players many different types of Pokemon, and they appear depending on topography consistent with the properties of each type so.

The special thing of the game Pokemon Go! you will not know in advance where will catch Pokémon, at any time, so, Pokemon Go! is considered an addictive game, and players will "watch me" all the time to find Pokemon. Who knows, suddenly, you accidentally find a legendary Pokémon of legend where seemingly nothing special in a windy afternoon.
However, it is worth noting that you have to ensure always-connected phones GPS to the game is ongoing and terrain adjustments in line with where you stand.

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